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Spiritual aura, breathtaking natural beauty and an ancient architecture makes this temple a must visit not only for devotees but for every traveller on Kanyakumari Tour.

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As per one popular tale, the shine reflecting from the nose ring is so strong that once a sailor mistook it as a lighthouse and ultimately hit the ship on the rocks.

Another place to see in Tamil Nadu is The Government Museum, situated on the Beach Road has a good compilation of sculptured artifacts and crafts of South Indian Temples and is one of the “Must Visited” places in Kanniyakumari.

One of the most popular Tourist attraction in Kanyakumari is Gugunathaswamy Temple.

The district stands first in terms of literacy rate in the state. Kanyakumari district has a varied topography with sea on three sides and the mountains of the Western Ghats bordering the northern side.

Geologically, the landmass of the district is much younger when compared to the rest of state - faulted as late as 2.5 million years during the Miocene, after which numerous transgression, as well as regression of sea, had shaped the western coast of the district.