Dating heavy smoking women

According to estimates, health care spending related to smoking accounts for between 6% and 15% of total annual healthcare costs in high-income countries like Canada.exploring trends and variations by age, sex, and heavy and light smoking.Recent studies have estimated that 21% of all deaths over the past decade are due to smoking.

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I am a smoker, I dont know if that makes me bias....Using a large French population-based case–control study, we compared the lung cancer risk associated with cigarette smoking by gender.The study included 2276 male and 650 female cases and 2780 male and 775 female controls.However, other case–control studies have not shown higher smoking-related risks among females than among males, including a recent large Italian-based case–control study (Schoenberg et al, 1989; Osann et al, 1993; De Matteis et al, 2013).In contrast, the results of four cohort studies published to date have been homogeneous and have found that the incidence of lung cancer among female smokers was about the same as that in male smokers after standardising for the amount smoked (Bach et al, 2003; Bain et al, 2004; Haiman et al, 2006; Freedman et al, 2008).