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Two of these vaccines also protect against types that cause anogenital warts.

Two vaccines are currently prequalified by the World Health Organization (WHO); these were 90% efficacious in preventing precancerous lesions caused by HPV types 16 and 18 (the cause of 70% of cervical cancers) in clinical trials studying women who received the recommended 3-dose series before exposure to targeted HPV types.

WHO recommends targeting HPV vaccination to girls aged 9–13, before initiation of sexual activity and thus HPV exposure (2).

This report summarizes HPV vaccination coverage among girls aged ≥9 years enrolled in grades 4–6 in 23 primary schools in Molepolole, Botswana, during a 2013 HPV vaccination demonstration project conducted by the Botswana Ministry of Health (MOH). Given the successful pilot, the project was expanded to immunize approximately 6,000 girls in 2014, followed by national rollout of the HPV vaccine in 2015.

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They are up in their heads too with the eternal chatter, the little ego voice.

Here’s a portion of an email (with the table above) that I sent today to the 100% female commissioners of the University of Michigan-Flint’s Women Commission, whose mission is to “report on the status and needs of women [only] on campus” and “build a truly welcoming and inclusive community”: The data in the table above are another example of the remarkable and extraordinary academic success of women in America’s education system, especially when compared to their male counterparts, and this remarkable female academic superiority and achievement at the high school level obviously carries over to students at the university level who attend institutions like the University of Michigan-Flint.

Given these data and additional overwhelming evidence of the remarkable academic success of women at every education level from high school to doctoral programs, I’m still wondering if there should be some further discussion on our campus on how to reconcile the existence of a Women’s Commission (to monitor exclusively the ) with the obvious academic superiority of that group compared to their male peers?

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