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Don’t take our word for why it’s great to be at Princess—let our team members tell you!In the "I Love My Princess Job" video series, our colleagues on shore and at sea share what they love about their work.But deep down I knew the real me was underneath all this, I mean I had lived for 25 years without anxiety and D.P and 10 years with it, so I had more deep down memory of normailty, I just had to reverse the procedure.On Monday, I had some acupuncture done, and again on Tuesday.It did temporarily relieve some of the pain and inflammation.Deer having already shed their antlers and does without antlers are also considered antlerless.Male fawns with antler protruding above the hairline do count towards a hunter’s antlered bag limit, since the deer does have antler(s) as opposed to hair covered pedicles (i.e., antler attachment point to the skull).

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No more than one (1) antlered deer may be taken per day.

Our core values reflect the company’s character and culture and represent what is truly important to Princess Cruises.

Taken together, these values define what it means to be The Consummate Host®.

Velvet antlered deer are also considered antlered ​Antlerless Deer Antlerless deer are defined as male or female deer with no antler protruding above the hairline.

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