Soo ae dating

The neighbour said: "Kim Soo Hyun and Sohee have been dating for at least a year.

Kim Soo Hyun comes and goes secretly when he doesn't have any scheduled work," reported Soompi.

, saying they were just friends, but now Kim Do Yeon has stepped forward to say otherwise.

On November 26, Kim Do Yeon posted on her twitter a long explanation about what has happened after the dating rumors.

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But the post continued that despite staying silent on the matter, fans still bothered her, throwing rocks at her on the way home and scratching up her car.

In the beginning, I told him that I didn’t want a relationship and after that its all been downhill.

We do date other people but for some reason we always come back to each other and date off and on.

He doesn’t call unless I call him first and then he starts the conversion about us hanging out and making plans. Overall does it seem that the guy is interested in me?

I haven’t talked about a relationship with him for a couple years now but I’m sick and tired of this off and on thing. And if he says that he doesn’t know how he feels or ‘lets see where this goes,’ does that mean he isn’t interested? Do you think it’s wrong to tell him that either something happens with us or that’s it and we need to go our separate ways?