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ASKfm is a social network where members interact by inviting others to ask anonymous questions.Regrettably, fees are becoming prevalent among low-tier regional casting and talent agencies (that might not try to illegally charge for representation, but instead will try to up sell on photo packages and classes and charge fees for including an individual on their websites, even though they're representing for "free") and recording studios and music producers (that might put out a call to find talent for a band or music label, but then try to charge some of the singers and musicians to record and produce their tracks to help them "break into the industry").2) CHECK FRAUD & WIRE-TRANSFER SCHEMES: A common scam involves a person or company (usually operating under a fake name or stolen identity) offering to cast in a project that will later turn out to not exist.1) THE BAIT-&-SWITCH: If a company is charging any fees or trying to sell a product or service, it should be clearly listed in their casting notice; they shouldn't surprise with hidden or unexpected fees after having applied to the project.Always know about all possible fees and costs upfront, whether it be membership dues for theater groups and film collectives; tuition for workshops and classes; registration/application fees; recording fees; mandatory photography and marketing costs; etc.