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And he threw some major shade at his ex back in April, by suggesting that his close-knit family didn't ever particularly care for her during their ill-fated romance. Whilst Mario may have taken Becky by surprise when he dropped down onto one knee, she was looking her usual glamorous self, wearing a fuchsia flounced wrap dress teamed with a pair of Valentino Rockstud heels.

Valentino Rockstuds have become a cult classic, loved by the celeb set and fash pack alike.

After the cooking lesson, we sat down over a glass of Vermentino from Toscana with the food-loving duo to chat all things cooking hacks, easy and quick recipes, and unexpected food pairings. We bet you can’t get through Batali and Wiedemann’s exchange without picking up a few helpful cooking tips—recipe included! She didn’t look like she was working there, but apparently she was. It not usual that these super-skinny supermodel types can even eat more than one slice of pizza. Then we took the pasta out and cooked it in the condiments for the last minute. I thought it was a rule that you couldn’t mix shellfish with sausage. I prefer it about 15 to 20 seconds less than they think Americans want it at—which is a little on the crunchy side, but not crunchy hard—just nicely al dente. But it’s all about the noodle: the mouthfeel, the delivery of the perfectly seasoned because you aggressively salt the water. EW: I had a whole conversation last night in the supermarket with an Italian guy who was looking for gluten-free pasta, and he couldn’t figure it out—I don’t know why he was looking for it—and we had this entire conversation around which one had the best mouthfeel.

MYDOMAINE: Can you tell us the story of how you two met? ELETTRA WIEDEMANN: [Laughs.] MB: I just offered to buy a girl a drink. It would be way too al dente if you wanted to eat it as is, but when you cook it that way, it consumes all the sauce—where the two separate ingredients, the noodle and the condiments, come together as one. Perfectly cooked pasta tastes really good even with Campbell’s cream of mushrooms!

When celebrity chef Mario Batali walks through the door, it’s hard not to take notice. What do you guys cook when you need to make something really quick? Because I cook dinner in 20 minutes just about all the time. MB: They gave me stinging nettles this week—and you chop them up and you put them in a pan, cook them, add a little splash of vinegar, and then poach an egg in them. [Laughs.] And because it’s perfect: That salty dried meat goes so well with a yeasty kind of fermented old champagne. MD: Have you guys learned any cooking tips from each other today? You can’t be in a room with him and not learn something. [Laughs.] With solid colors, you just look like you peed your pants or something spilled on you. Cook for 2 minutes until clams are dancing in the pan. Add ’nduja and estrattu, and cook for 1 minute, carefully watching the garlic so it does not get too much color. Add pasta, toss with tomato and clams, and cook for 1 minute so the sauce dresses the noodle.

Most likely, he will be dressed in bright orange hues, wearing his signature pair of orange Crocs, and talking at a million miles an hour about anything from the weather to politics to his latest food discovery. You should have been very careful to tell him, , because the minute you hit the exact timing, it falls apart and turns into porridge. What I tend to do is I’ll go over to the fish market and Eataly or Citarella, I’ll get two filets of something that looks really remarkable—right now it’s shad or soft-shell crab, or the beginning of line-caught salmon, which is coming—I get near the tailpiece because I want it to cook quickly. The beauty for me is that by the time it’s on the plate for me and my wife, the dishes are done. I have a plastic scrubbie—actually, you know actually what really is the best thing: peach pit scrubbies. They’re , they’re made out of the fiber of a peach pit, and it looks like a little hand. It can take anything off—even what stainless steel doesn’t. Tell me the things that everyone should have in their pantry to whip up a quick meal? I also took arugula flowers and I dressed them with some Parmigiano-Reggiano, a little bit of celery, and made that into a salad with extra-virgin olive oil and lemon juice. It always blows my friends away when I serve beef jerky with Dom Pérignon rosé. Like I said, I would have never thought to put a pork product with a shellfish or making the pasta one minute less and cooking it in the sauce—those are all things I’m going to do from now on! MB: And I learned not to be afraid of white pants when you’re making noodles. Finish with olive oil, parsley, and a squeeze of fresh lemon.

Mario Falcone has revealed he has proposed to girlfriend Becky Miesner after a year of dating - and she said yes.

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You can follow the link on the right to buy Becky's exact pair now, or for more choice check out our edit of alternatives below.On one sunny Tuesday afternoon, as he was hopping off his Vespa on New York City’s West Side and into his newest outpost, the Maritime Hotel’s La Sirena, he had accessorized with a bright orange helmet, a matching scarf, and a purple scrunchie—a testament to his boisterous bon vivant nature. I season it; I pan-cook it on one side only for about six to seven minutes. The idea is that I’m not making meals, I’m just making one course, but two or three of those and you have a meal. My favorite food pairing always around this time of year is really nice vintage champagne and beef jerky. [Laughs.] EW: But hey, you didn’t get a splash on yourself either! MD: Is that why you always wear orange, because it covers pasta sauce stains? “I wore pink and white to complement Mario’s love of orange,” Elettra Wiedemann quipped. EW: We were at your place down by Washington Square Park. It was a simple margherita; thin, very digestible, very easy to eat. Right on Columbus Square above the southern tip of Central Park. EW: There were a quinoa option and a corn-blend quinoa, and then a rice pasta—which I don’t like—and then some lentil ones. EW: He went for the lentil ones because he liked the extra protein. I take the fish out, I throw whatever vegetable I have in the pan—whether it’s escarole or broccoli or green beans—and I cook it in the very same pan. MD: Speaking of unexpected pairings, what are some ingredient pairings that you’re loving right now? [Laughs.] That is my new snack hack—I’ll make a nice piece of toast, smear a tiny bit of mayonnaise on it, and add some marinated artichokes. Very very happy and lucky.' In the accompanying snap, the reality star can be seen on one knee holding the ring in his hand.A shocked yet delighted looking Becky stands before him in a red floaty dress while sipping on a glass of champagne.