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Steve Perrault, the man who sat opposite me, was (and still is) the director of defining at Merriam-Webster and the person I hoped would be my boss. “So tell me,” he ventured, “why you are interested in lexicography.” I took a deep breath and clamped my jaw shut so I did not start blabbing. I grew up the eldest, book-loving child of a blue-collar family that was not particularly literary.He was very tall and very quiet, a sloucher like me, and seemed almost as shyly awkward as I was, even while he gave me a tour of the modest, nearly silent editorial floor. According to the hagiography, I started reading at three, rattling off the names of road signs on car trips and pulling salad-dressing bottles out of the fridge to roll their tangy names around on my tongue: ) by reading them over and over until they fell into tatters.Real Vision 3D Sonar represents technology anglers have been asking for since day one – the ability to see what’s below, behind, and to the sides of the boat, all at once and in three-dimensions.With blazing quad-core processor performance, Real Vision 3D displays the entire underwater world—including structure, cover, fish and forage—in stunning detail.Files are stored locally on the user's device, ready for offline use.There are many different mobile applications available for people to use to subscribe and listen to podcasts.With available built-in Real Vision 3D™ sonar, the all new Light House 3 operating system, and blazing quad-core performance, AXIOM represents an entirely new paradigm of navigational and fish-finding performance.

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A PI Girl recently asked what the difference is between dating and courtship.

The listener or viewer uses special client application software on a computer or media player, known as a podcatcher, which accesses this web feed, checks it for updates, and downloads any new files in the series.

This process can be automated so that new files are downloaded automatically, which may seem to the user as though new episodes are broadcast or "pushed" to them.

Videos which are shared following a podcast model are called video podcasts or vodcasts.

The distributor of a podcast maintains a central list of the files on a server as a web feed that can be accessed through the Internet.