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The extent to which these representations embrace or reject homosexuality has been disputed within the religion as well as outside of a move cheered by domestic Hindu groups in India such as the influential right-wing RSS, which concedes it should be "kept to the bedroom," does not believe it illegal but immoral as it is considered a rare condition Unlike the West, the Hindu society does not have the concept of 'sexual orientation' that classifies males on the basis of who they desire.The latter are explicitly discouraged not for the common man but for brahmanas and priests.

There are many forms of Hinduism, all with unique faiths and customs.Asian D8events is the UKs largest, longest running singles events company for Asians and have developed a reputation for providing successful singles events across the UK including; London, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester.Since May 2003 Asian D8events have held hundreds of events with thousands of people in attendance.Unlike Judaism, Christianity and Islam, which focus on the actions of a single lifetime, Hindu belief centers on a continuous process of birth and rebirth that ultimately releases the true self from the limitations of body and the ego – a freeing of the spirit called moksha.That process includes a release from sensual experiences, including sexuality.