Updating firmware on canon 40d

Firmware covers both routine processes and enabling functions for higher-level procedure.

The more complex the device, the more reliant it is on effective firmware.

They are more common in the first six months of a product's market life, but updates will continue to be released as long as the manufacturer feels there are sufficient users of the product in the marketplace to justify the effort.

However, don't feel you MUST update your equipment's firmware each time a new update is released.

The 40D was announced in August 2007, finally being discontinued in June 2009.

Still widely available used, the 40D and 50D are a good basic cameras if you want to concentrate on photography and are not interested in video.

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Either way, head on over to the Magic Lantern site to read more about the update and download it for the Canon 7D.Fixes a malfunction that prevents correct colors from being printed when direct printing. Modifies the level of subject brightness that causes the AF-assist beam to fire when using an external Speedlite.RAW images captured using the camera’s custom Picture Styles (Emerald, etc.), which have been downloaded from Canon’s Web site and registered under User Def. Enables an external flash connected to the camera’s synchro terminal to fire even when the camera’s built-in flash is popped up.The pentaprism viewfinders are noticeably better than the more basic XXXD or ‘Rebel’ range.Ef-A Standard Precision Matte – the supplied focusing screen, bright and with a normal matte Ef-D Precision Matte with grid – a more matte finish easier manual focusing also includes a grid pattern Ef-S Super Precision Matte – even more matte but obviously slightly darker, optimized for F2.8 and faster lenses Visit the Deals & Offers page to see new stuff If you start your buying of anything whatsoever from Amazon (not just what's listed) via one of our links below, it helps myself and Karen to keep the site going.

Updating firmware on canon 40d