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This part of campus consists of the original formal gardens, farm buildings, and the Martin family home.

The farm buildings have been converted into a residence hall (Kilpatrick Dorm), offices, dining hall, community center, the Haybarn Theatre, and meeting rooms. Greatwood’s buildings are connected to each other via brick walkways.

Although no further details of the case have yet been released, family court documents show that Temple owed his ex-wife a substantial sum of money dating back as far as June 2014 to a divorce settlement.

The Eliot Pratt Center, the most contemporary of the Goddard facilities, houses the library, registrar’s office, human resources, and the College radio station and studio, WGDR 91.1 FM / WGDH 97.7 FM.“The first day of filming is an interview,” Michielli said.“They try to make you look bad, but I was smarter than that.” Michielli said he was asked about his hobbies, his dating history, and his family before he was set up with an unknown woman for a blind dinner date. “It was a fun experience, but a bit nerve-wracking.” When asked if he talked about his work on the show, Michielli, known to his regulars at Kennedy's as “the shave doctor,” said "of course." “I love my job,” Michielli said.Chase also allegedly gave Horne about ,000 as a down payment for the murder scheme, court documents said.Maurice Temple was also present at the time of the transaction.